The press on Heaven:

“Sounds like the French Kicks' Trial of the Century melded with a half stoned Julian Casablancas singing for the Postal Service. This is high- experimentalism and the Brooklyn outfit seems hell-bent on tweaking traditionalism...Mobius Band is well on its way."  –Filter

"Mobius Band's second full-length, Heaven, blurs the line between indie rock and bittersweet synth pop....A shifting soundscape of brain-burrowing harmonies and meticulously tweaked blips and beeps." – Magnet

"Simply great pop." - Esquire

"Heaven teems with impossible-to-duplicate sounds, danceable beats and hook-laden choruses." – Paste Magazine

"Rich, inventive textures." – The Onion

"If the hipsters of Interpol ever decide to unclip their ties, relax their ironic poses and have — oh, I don’t know — fun, their music might come close to approximating that of Mobius Band." – Harp

"We like you, because your melodies are catchy and you're fun live, and the short-circuiting keyboards all over Heaven are ridiculous.  One of the closest things to a guaranteed good time New York is offering right now." - CMJ

"Mobius hijacks electronic music and dresses it up in luminescent pop, with a heavy dose of brainy self-reflection." – Flavorpill

"Mobius Band wooed us." - Stereogum

"A perfectly polished synth heavy gem." – The Stranger

"The group’s attention to little sonic details elevates it beyond the realm of mere tech-pop fan boys to something truly special...Mobius Band has forced me to readily acknowledge that great pop can indeed come out of the marriage of man, machine and melody." - Reveille

"Mobius Band flex the hard-earned muscularity of their ensemble chops at new, anthemic levels and saddle that energy in the blown-speaker crunch of circuit-bent Casios." – Detour

The press on The Loving Sounds of Static:

Friends Like These [mp3]

Hallie [mp3]

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