Hi everyone,

As some of you have noticed, Mobius Band is on hiatus.

We've had great times doing this and won't bore you with the financial and personal pratfalls of keeping an enterprise like this alive. Suffice it to say that we gave it a good, long run: 4 EP's, 2 full-lengths, and 600ish shows in 13 countries.

We formed a band the fall semester of our freshmen year at Wesleyan (first name: Triple Lindy). This was back in the late 90's, friends - back before every band you've heard of went there. Back before the internet. Before skinny jeans. Yes, we played at a naked party. Several naked parties. That question still comes up. We graduated and packed, Monkees-style, into a wall-to-wall shag carpet 70's joint in the woods in Massachusetts, where we jammed forever. We learned how to tour, made a bunch of EPs ourselves, moved to Brooklyn (2/3rds of us, anyway), put out records on the lovely labels of Ghostly International and Misra, and toured a lot more with friends in The National, Editors, Cut Copy, Matthew Dear, Tokyo Police Club, etc...

In the process we met some truly amazing men and women around the world that we are honored to call friends and fans.

So - thank you from the bottom of our hearts to anyone who came to see us play, let us sleep on their floor, bought us a drink, said something nice (or at least didn't slander us anonymously on the internet), continued to date (and ultimately marry) us despite being gone for 6 months at a stretch, gave us money to make a record, gave us directions to the hotel, or just gave us some sense that you cared when we showed up in your town. It was not lost on us, and you've made being Mobius Band all these years an unforgettable experience.

We are continuing on with new projects and will be in touch about those happenings if you'd like.

Peter is Ladies & Gentlemen, who you can hear at http://ladiesandgentlemenusa.bandcamp.com.

Noam is LOLFM. You can download their debut album, "we are its waves" for free here: http://lolfm.bandcamp.com.

Ben is Cookies. There are free tracks and gorgeous 10" vinyl here: http://www.cookiesltd.com.

Cookies will debut at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on Friday, November 5th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon here: http://www.mercuryloungenyc.com/event/5406

Thank you.

Ben, Peter, and Noam

Friends Like These [mp3]

Hallie [mp3]

Free EP Series

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